Is a totally natural solution to the problem of unwanted hair growth.  This hair inhibitor has an exclusive mixture of ant egg extract, special cream, and a structuring ingredient to shape the cream. The mixture weakens the root of the hair and inhibits its ability to regenerate. 

ANT CREAM does not need to be used for the rest of your life.  In fact you don't even need to use the ANT CREAM every day.  Just apply the cream after your regular hair removal method that involves derooting the hair such as electrolysis, waxing, tweezing, laser hair removal etc.  (not shaving)

After removing the hair apply ANT CREAM on a clean dry skin.

The cream is easy to apply and dries up in minutes.

ANT CREAM is also affective in healing pimples and reducing or eliminating ingrown hairs and shaving bumps.  It also helps to smooth the skin by tightening its surface and adding moisture to the pores.

Duration of Usage:

The first use will thin the hair and work on making it scarce. Even the first application allows four to six weeks before the next hair removal and the second ANT CREAM application. 

Typically, a user may apply the cream six to eight applications before the hair is permanently removed. 

ANT CREAM should not be removed for four hours minimum after it is applied on the skin. After that you can wash the ANT CREAM with water. Repeat this process for three days. 

ANT CREAM can be used on any portion of the exterior skin including genital and facial areas.   

Important Warnings:

Do not use if pregnant or breast-feeding.

Keep out of reach of children.

Even though this product is all natural, irritation or allergic reactions may occur with some people, always test before each use  by applying to a small skin area  (away from sensitive locations such as areola or body orifices) 

After removing the hair ANT CREAM should be applied on clean dry skin.  The existence of any substance such as waxing oil, lotion, baby powder etc.  may cause an unwanted chemical reaction and will weaken the effects of ANT CREAM

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